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Sep 20, 2013: GreenerBuildings video online.

We are proud to anounce that two videos about the GreenerBuildings project are published on out web page. A short version of the video can be found on our start page A longer version of the video describes the project in more detail on the approach site:

Enjoy watching!

Sep 04, 2013: Project extension granted to conduct living-lab studies.

Sep 04, 2013: The GreenerBuildings project consortium has been granted a two-months project extension to complete the on-going living-lab studies.

June 28, 2013: Best Paper Award at SEIT 2013 for ACTLab/TUE team.

June 28, 2013: Luis Lopera, Marc Troost and Oliver Amft received the best paper award for the manuscript entitled: "Using a thermopile matrix sensor to recognize energy-related activities in offices" at the 3rd International conference on Sustainable Energy Information Technology (SEIT 2013). The work presented in this paper discusses an approach to recognise user profiles related to energy consumption using a thermopile matrix sensor. The work is related to the EU GreenerBuildings project, coordinated by ACTLab.

Full citation information:

Lopera Gonzalez, L. I.; Troost, M. & Amft, O.: Using a thermopile matrix sensor to recognize energy-related activities in offices.
SEIT 2013: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Energy Information Technology, Elsevier.

Abstract: Various installations and appliances used by building occupants are manually operated, including office devices, kitchen appliances, washing basins, etc. By monitoring appliances usage and thus energy consumption, office occupants could received feedback on their energy needs, which is considered vital to spur energy conservation.  In this work, we investigate a novel generation of 2D-matrix thermopile sensors for recognising objects and object-occupant interactions from their heat patterns for a total of 21 activities using a single sensor installation. The activities were chosen according to their relevance for appliance energy consumption. We present a processing concept adapted for thermopile matrix sensors to detect and track objects. Furthermore, detected objects were classified according to object state and occupant interaction categories.  In scripted and real-life datasets using a ceiling mounted matrix sensor, we demonstrate that a single sensor installation can provide information on various activities, rather than instrumenting many devices and appliances with individual sensors. We show that activities with a clear thermal signature can be recognized with more than 96% accuracy. We also show experimental results for activities that have a thermal signature closer to the ambient temperature.

Details and full text: GoogleScholar

March 30, 2013: GreenerBuilding Workshop on 23rd of April in Eindhoven.

We kindly invite you to participate in a workshop on the 23rd of April at TU Eindhoven to explore new applications of GreenerBuildings technology that can add value to your organization and research.

For further information please visite our website on

Oct 24-25, 2011: GreenerBuildings project participates in ICT for Sustainable Homes 2011

GreenerBuildings project will be at the "ICT for Sustainable Homes" conference and exhibition in Nice, France, on the 24th-25th October 2011, with a dedicated exhibition stand and a presentation made by Manuel Ramiro (ADVANTIC Sistemas y Servicios SL) on the 24th of October.

"ICT for Sustainable Homes" is an international conference and exhibition organised every year in Nice, France, by Sigma Orionis in cooperation with the Beywatch project funded by the European Commission’s DG Information Society and Media. The conference aims at providing companies, research laboratories and other organisations involved in ICT based products and services for the home with a key opportunity to meet and network, to be informed of latest promising technologies and find potential partners to initiate or strengthen projects.


ICT for Sustainable Homes 2011 will feature:

- 20 leading projects in the ICT4EE and Future Internet fields

- Over 30 high-level speakers featured in 6 thematic sessions (View agenda at

- Exclusive technical visits at IBM's Industry Solution Centre and CSTB's lab

- A unique opportunity to network with peers, share visions and build new projects!


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